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The Battle of Aiken
Tickets and Basic Information

Battle Dates:  February 21 & 22, 2015

Location:  1210 Powell Pond Road, Aiken, SC  29801.

Click here for Mapquest to aid in getting to the Battle of Aiken
Admission:  There will be no advance wristbands or tickets sold.  Correct change at the gate would be appreciated and will speed up the process.  Wristbands are good for one days admission.  No spectator will be allowed to enter the site prior to 8:00 AM. 
$10.00         13 and older
$5.00           6 to 12
 No charge for children 5 and under

Admission for the Revival Services on Saturday are free to the public if you arrive after 3:00 PM
Additional Information:

We ask that you leave your pets at home for this event.
Coolers are not allowed on the Battle of Aiken site.
All persons are required to purchase a wristband or be registered as a Reenactor to enter this event.
Workers and Volunteers will have their own wristbands for identification. 
Everyone will have a wristband or appropriate ID for entrance to the Confederate Memorial Park.
Please wear your wristband at all times.
If you do not have you wristband you will be asked to leave until you purchase one.

This year we are having a food drive to collect for the animal shelters
across the area.  We encourage each person to bring a can of pet food
and drop it off at the gate.  These will be distributed to the
local animal shelters across the area after the event.


Spectator Entry and Parking:

Their is no ATM on site.  No spectator will be allowed to enter the site prior to 8:00 AM.  Entry to the Confederate Memorial Park is from Powell Pond Road and Scotch Lane.  It is one way only.  As the day progresses so does the wait.  We encourage everyone to be as patient as possible and try to arrive as early as possible to avoid long lines and wait time.  You will be required to purchase your wristbands prior to entering the park.  Please have correct change, as this will make the movement more efficient and faster for all involved.  Please place your wristbands on your arms prior to arrival at the entrance.  Anyone not having a wristband will be directed to the booth to purchase one.

There is no charge for parking on the site.  All parking is first come, first served.  Volunteers will assist with your efforts to park.  Please obey their instructions.  They are there to try to get you to an available spot as close to the entrance as possible.  Please be patient. 

There are designated areas near the Battlefield for the Spectators.  The area closest to the Battlefield is reserved for those who wish to sit on the ground.  The area behind that is for chairs and standing.  Please be respectful of others when watching the battle.  Everyone wants to see everything what is happening and cannot do so when others are blocking their view.  No one, other than reenactors are allowed to be on the battlefield or beyond the specator lines during the actual Reenactment. 

After the Battle is over, many people rush to depart.  We encourage you to stay, shop, visit the Camps, or just relax.  The lines for departure are worst than those when you arrived.  There is still only one way out and everyone cannot get out at the same time.  Please be patient and obey the directions of the Volunteers as they try to assist you in your departure.

We appreciate your attendance at this event and understand the limitations of arriving, parking, and departing.  This event like many others has this special problem.  There is no quick solution to it, but we are constantly trying to work on it.  Again we ask that you please be patient and work with the Volunteers.

Should anyone have any problems or encounter any adverse situations, please contact a member of the primary staff at the main gate for immediate assistance.  EMS and other emergency assistance will be locate near the primary entrance to the Modern Food Vendor area from the parking lot.  Aiken County Sheriff's Department has jusidiction over all incidents on site.     



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