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Battle of Aiken
Schedule of Events

Schedule of Events
(This schedule is subject to change.)


Thursday, 19 – Registration Opens at 8:00 AM

8:00 AM Start Registration for Reenactors


Schedule of Events


Friday, February 20 - School Day - Limited Activities


8:30 AM Gates open for Living History School Day
9:00 AM         School Presentations Start / Officers Call

9:30 AM         Camp Tours (self guided)

10:00 AM       Battle Field Presentation for Students (Artillery, Cavalry)

11:30 AM       Skirmish on Battlefield

12:30 Noon     Medical, Engineer, and Period Presentations

12:30 PM        Tour Camps (self guided)

3:00 PM          School program ends

8:00 PM          Officers & Unit Rep Call (to be announced)


Saturday, February 21


8:30 AM         Gates Open to Public -

9:00 AM         Mandatory Parade & Drill for Military

9:00 AM         Camps open to the public
9:30 AM        Tactical for Reenactors

10:00 AM       Camp Tours (self guided) / Tactical
10:00 AM Period Wedding - Participants in Period Dress
11:00 AM Ladies Tea - Participants in Period Dress - Speaker - Brenda Carpenter

11:00 AM       Visit Medical and Engineer (self guided)

11:30 AM       Visit Citadel Cadets (self guided)

12:00 Noon     Visit Civilian Camps (self guided)

2:00 PM          Battle of Aiken—Part One—White Pond

3:30 PM          Soldier’s Salute of Appreciation

4:00 – 7:00 PM      Commemoration of the Great Revival
8:00 PM     Unreconstructed will play for the Dance


Sunday, February 22


8:30 AM         Gates Open to Public -

9:00 AM         Camps open to the public

10:00 AM       Camp Tours (self guided)

10:30 AM       Church Service

12:00 Noon     Camp Tours (self guided)
1:30 PM       Soldier's Grand March in Review 
2:00 PM Battle of Aiken - Part Two
3:30 PM Soldiers Salute of Appreciation
4:00 PM Camps Close

General Lee and General Jackson will be in attendance with their staff.  Mrs. Jeffereson Davis
and The Ladies will also be present.  Feel free to stop them for photos and ask them any
questions  that come to mind.  They are here to help provide you with the education on
the War Between the States that you desire.  They will not be presenting programs this
year. This will allow more students access to them and allow them to be able to interact with more students.




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